Hill does the best out of each, but I'm convinced that everyone is doing something wrong in terms of teaching stat mech. ), Cohen, Precalculus with unit circle trigonometry. Consider how comprehensive the textbook is, and how much support you might need to answer questions about it before you decide to add it into your study plan. Who is the Spivak guy I keep hearing about? 9.7 / 10. It will give you a good idea of which areas you need to focus on while you’re studying. share. I haven't read this, but it's supposed to be the “classic” version of Larson above. Sign In. Check out "BetterExplained" as well. Most recent answer . You don't really need any prior knowledge for calculus except basic co-ordinate geometry unless you want to burden 15-16 year olds with formal limits unnecessarily. What are the best websites to get free textbook PDF for your courses? I don't know if anything was changed in the last edition, but when I took QM, I found his treatment to be superficial. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Members. "Exercise is left to reader" becomes common. I suddenly need to choose the best Korean textbook for me. After you grapple with the IMO problems for a while, turn here to find a book that teaches (as much as any book can) the art of solving them. I've never had exposure to FEA so I need something that I can work through in a couple of weeks and get a working knowledge of FEA. Nevertheless, this is the best calculus book overall, and I've seen it do a wonderful job of brain rectification on many people. In 1997–98 a few books with the same general theme as Larson, but different problem collections, have been published; I haven't seen any of them. That said, I've never found a stat mech book that really appeals to me. share. By now you're probably not going to find the book online. Courant goes further into applications than is usual (including as much about Fourier analysis as you can do without Lebesgue integration). What level? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Great resource! “Living Language Italian, Complete Edition ” by Living Language. level 1. As well, I think that hocking your book in a thread called "The Best Textbooks on Every Subject" signals that the book will be, at least, textbook-like in range, complexity and information containment. Rising. I do think that I would benefit if someone rammed some of it down my throat though, because nowadays we undergraduates are trained to regard “geometric” as a strong pejorative—the very antithesis of rigor and proof. At least check it out once, to read his proof of the Pythagorean theorem. The Chicago maths. It's not advisable to try to gain access to one for just a few textbooks seeing as most require some sort of effort to look for something that may or may not be there. Any tips on literature or resources to determine the best literature would be greatly appreciated! Hot New Top. The problem with QM is that you can't learn it by being spoon-fed trivial examples, the way Griffiths does it. It does include more historical background on the concepts than most math texts do, which is nice. Sure, you'll know how to solve the particle in a box problem, but turning the crank on a simple ODE with trivial boundary conditions doesn't get you far in the way of understanding quantum mechanics. The sections from KhanAcademy: Early Math. Learn more by reading our BookScouter Review. There are a lot of caveats to this: rankings are arbitrary, good research programs may not necessarily have the best courses, different professors at a university may use different texts, and even the best courses may not use the best textbook. Largest number of … Gelfand/Shen, AlgebraGelfand/Glagoleva/Shnol, Functions and graphsGelfand/Glagoleva/Kirillov, The method of coordinates, These three little white books come from the Soviet correspondence school in mathematics, run by I. M. Gelfand for interested people of all ages in the further reaches of the USSR. Find more subreddits like r/eTextbooks -- All the textbooks you need at great prices! I agree. I feel bad for the money I spent on 3 books – Ewha consists of a textbook, a study guide, and a workbook and each one has to be purchased separately. Using a textbook helps to give you that classic classroom experience. a bold request that includes a huge set of knowledge. It's not word heavy in its explanations which some don't like, but they are then forced to communicate more mathematically or visually. Euclid teaches you both the power of the modern algebraic methods and the things that are hidden by our instinct to assign a number to a length. Crime and Punishment. I'm at about a junior level in physics, but really I was just wondering what some of the best literature was out there. There are lots of “college geometry” texts you can find this stuff in, but most of them are aimed at math-ed majors; this book and Coxeter's other one (see below) have them all beat. 39 comments. If you don't know calculus and have the time, read it and do all the exercises. (FreeTheTextbooks might be worth it as it's open signup). [PC] I like this book. Talking about the best textbook torrent sites, Extratorrent tops the list for many countries; download best college textbook torrents for free, while keeping yourself updated about information like available peers and seed with the size on a single line. What are the best textbooks for a quick and dirty introduction to FEA? I am looking for a good textbook that can help me gain more skills and also help me prep for the ACP 100 exam. I'll definitely go through it for insights. No, I'm not kidding. 3. On the other hand, there are numerous examples of books that over the years I found helpful, while many of my peers thought they were an absolute waste of time. Unfortunately I haven't found anything that really suits me besides a few specialty books, like Krane. Google+. Take one of the practice tests before you even begin studying. This includes “high school topics” and first-year calculus. Join. What are some handbooks/books (as compact as possible) that work as like a list of resources? Other calculus books worthy of note, and why: Spivak, The hitchhiker's guide to calculus. Top VPN for Torrenting . 2 comments. Overall a fresh, inspiring look at topics we take for granted, and a good thing to recommend to bright younger students or friends (or parents! The best finance textbooks explain complex terms in the simplest ways possible so that a large audience can learn from the contents of the book. NordVPN . 2. ), Statistical mechanics: Kardar (both his Particles book and his Fields book), and Sethna for interesting problems, Quantum field theory: Peskin and Schroeder, and Zee for some conceptual insights. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest neuroscience textbooks since 2018. 36 comments. Hit the library, google books, or even your friend's bookshelves. Find the Best Accounting Textbooks at Affordable Prices on Amazon You can search through thousands of accounting textbooks on Amazon – … Any all all suggestions are welcome! Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest statistics textbooks since 2017. Hardcover $12.72 $ 12. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. I'd still recommend getting Kardar even if you get Goldenfeld. The best textbook in the world won’t help you learn Korean if you don’t study from it regularly. (Thanks to Jonathan Beere ('95) for convincing me it was worthwhile.). I have a few: Fearsome Creatures - William T Cox (42 ratings) The Things - Peter Watts (99 ratings) Army Of One - Junji Ito (212 ratings) Zashiki Onna - Minetarō Mochizuki (272 ratings) Sredni Vashtar - Saki (425 ratings) The Strange High House In The Mist - HP Lovecraft (624 ratings) 50. Ezvid Wiki; Wiki Reviews; Books: Textbooks; The 10 Best Statistics Textbooks. I have used it for years as a reference book (e.g., what exactly is Cramer's rule again...) Solutions to a number of the problems are in the back, and the problems are not entirely applications. They are definitely interesting, although their main interest may be psychological/philosophical (only relative to mathematics do philosophy and psychology merge!) card classic compact. (In fact, I first read it in high school as part of an independent study math class.) Can anyone recommend me some good books for reading all of poetry? What’s the best way to use the sample tests in a GRE book? Posted on Apr 18, 2017 | 2 comments Reading textbooks is a sure way that will not only broaden your mind but ensure also that it sharpen your knowledge and understanding about this world we’ re living in. Find that one book you connect with. I think Griffiths could have been better for intro QM, though - there's a lot that goes frustratingly unexplained, but I don't think there's a better intro text. Media Team @Educationnewshub.co.ke - April 7, 2020. McLaughlin. But self-study is incredibly hard and so expectations … I can find it elsewhere . save. I'm currently in a master's program for Mechatronics, though my background is in math, and in my final project I'll be working with FEA. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact. How to download torrents safely? I looked at KhanAcademy's math section today and thought: I want to own the best textbook for each and every one of these sections. I know it's a predominantly US sub and he's a US mathematician, but still, never heard of him before I came here. Best of all, this textbook offers a pronunciation guide, an Italian-English dictionary and answer keys to exercises and test questions. Any ideas? This is a book everyone should read. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. report. Dry but comprehensive (the second volume includes multivariable calculus). The best resources for doing so are the newspapers The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. The Atiyah-MacDonald is a classic of Commutative Algebra. Just what the title says. Tried and Tested: The 10 Best Japanese Textbooks for Learners “Genki” Probably the most popular beginner option for learning Japanese, “Genki” books I and II have been around for years and are firm favorites in college “Introduction to Japanese” courses. 97% Upvoted. Campbell Biology (Campbell Biology Series) by Lisa Urry, Michael Cain, et al. is invaluable for developing the mathematical maturity and epsilonic technique that no math major should be without. Ugh, I absolutely detest Kittel and Kroemer. Share the best tips you've picked up throughout your life, and learn from others! Sign In Trending New Popular type to search. For statmech, a good alternative to Kardar for Fields is Lectures On Phase Transitions And The Renormalization Group by Goldenfeld. 1.3k. The whole thing is the most coherently envisioned and explained treatment of one-variable calculus I've seen (you can see throughout that Spivak has a vision of what he's trying to teach). Looking at Amazon and other websites has been fairly unhelpful, since there aren't too many reviews and many of them are from opposite ends of the spectrum. I'd recommend it to high school students who are intrested in math, but not quite ready to sit down and read though proof after proof of theorems. A. Calculus Of course, as we all know, the One True Calculus Book is Spivak, Calculus. This URL is out of date. Created May 26, 2017. --- Any request for money, link given, or request for information in this sub is a scam. Best physics textbooks? Hot New Top Rising. Student life is very fun and memorable, but at the same time quite complicated. Posts should be pertinent, meme-free, and generate a discussion about physics. I'm not sure that one can really become a significantly better problem-solver by reading a book about the nature of mathematical reasoning, but I admire Pólya for writing an interesting and challenging book about the practice of mathematics; such books are in my opinion too few and far between. For perspective, I am currently a grad student in theoretical particle physics. What is your background? However, these table shows that there are a variety of textbooks being used, but there is some consensus about which ones are the best.

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