We share an outlook, a peaceful outlook on the world and on life, a life where families can live together in peace and stability and pursue their own dreams and plan for their own futures with confidence. This is a time for caution and research. “Scott Morrison went too far – partly out of his affinity with Donald Trump, partly because of the political constituency they share,” he said in a speech at the University of Western Australia ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration as President. The way to deal with those is by engaging directly in discussion and dialogue between ministers and leaders. Look, I have great confidence in the institutions of America’s democracy, and I’ve been expressing those consistently. This relationship is bigger than all of us. I want to make a couple of points about this. You don’t engage in disinformation and the ugliness that we’ve seen in this post on the Chinese Government Twitter account today. A man who suffered to death at Birkena… A post made on an official Chinese Government Twitter account, posted by the Director Deputy General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr Lijian Zhao, is truly repugnant. Scott John Morrison (born 13 May 1968) is an Australian politician who is the 30th and current Prime Minister of Australia.He took office in August 2018 upon his election as leader of the Liberal Party, and subsequently led the Coalition to victory at the 2019 federal election.. Morrison was born in Sydney and studied economic geography at the University of New South Wales. I hope did he and Dr. Biden will join us here in Australia for the 70th anniversary of ANZUS. Mr Albanese stepped up his attacks on the Morrison government’s management of the US alliance in a major foreign policy speech. Secretary Pompeo has also been a great voice for peace around the world, and I thank him for his special relationship with Australia. But you may not know that President Elect Biden had two uncles who served in New Guinea during the Second World War, one of whom who was killed in New Guinea, and another who was seriously injured. And that’s important, and they will continue. When he was in Australia, on board the HMAS Adelaide, he said this, “Thank you for having America’s back. And I want to thank President Trump and Vice President Pence, Secretary Pompeo, Secretary Mnuchin, and Secretary Esper, and the many other members of his cabinet, with whom we have had a very, very good working relationship over the years of the Trump administration. Scott Morrison: (12:07) This was also true of Vice President Pence, who I remember meeting for the first time in Papua New Guinea, and spending some important time with him there as we discussed the challenges, particularly in the Southwest Pacific and how we could work together, and as we have been. Oh. Because there are so many important challenges, whether here in the Indo-Pacific, when it comes to world trade, and when it comes to dealing with the global pandemic and the global recession that has followed from that pandemic. And of course, we’ve seen that in recent times in the United States. Well, Australia’s commitment to addressing climate change will continue. And I have every confidence, because this confidence is based on more than 100 years of successful partnership, that this partnership will only go from strength to strength under the new shared stewardship that President Elect Biden and I will share going into the future. I think it would be very early days to speculate on those matters. EXCLUSIVE: With Rupert Murdoch’s corrupt News Corp media organisation commencing a ludicrous wall-to-wall propaganda campaign insisting Australia’s newest unelected Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a ‘good bloke’, True Crime News Weekly can now reveal a more realistic portrait of the nation’s leader. Scott Morrison delivers victory speech. And those processes in the United States will come to their conclusion. Anthony Albanese has accused Prime Minister Scott Morrison of pandering too much to Donald Trump during his time as US president in his first major speech on … Australia has patiently sought to seek to address the tensions that exist in our relationship in a mature way, in a responsible way, by seeking engagement at both leader and ministerial level to ensure that we can openly discuss what are clear sources of tension in this relationship. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday commended China for lifting its citizens out of poverty at a time of strained relations with … And that’s something we’re very committed to, and we would welcome a commitment to that objective as well. And of course, that will continue through the transition period. Need to know. Speaker 2: (09:02) It is a false image and a terrible slur on our great defence forces and the men and women who have served in that uniform for over 100 years. Scott Morrison acknowledges the global competition between China and the US ‘presents new challenges’. And I think that is something that will bring a lot to an understanding of the people-to-people relationship and the depth and history of the relationship between our two countries. Extracted from Hansard, 14 February 2008, pp.348-353 [highlighting added] Mr MORRISON (11:54 AM) —It is with humility and a deep sense of appreciation to the electors of Cook that I rise to make my maiden speech in this House. And not only held fast to, but we have a very strong story to tell about our achievement when it comes to our commitments on the global stage, whether it’s exceeding both the Kyoto One and the Kyoto Two targets, and now are being able to confidently meet our 2030 commitments. We’re very committed to that course, and we welcome all other countries doing the same. Nov 30, 2020 – 8.12pm. That is going to help the world recover from the COVID-19 global recession. Try Rev and save time transcribing, captioning, and subtitling. They will uphold the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Okay. The alleged actions of a few do not, do not define the tremendous service of the great many, and the processes we’ve set up will uphold that principle. It’ll be open in the future, and you’re welcome anytime.” Thank you very much. Speaker 2: (12:49) Together, and the Malabar Exercise that has been underway recently, I think, is a very good example of that. This relationship is bigger than any one individual. Now, it’s not just about Australia, countries around the world are watching this, they are seeing how Australia is seeking to resolve these issues and they are seeing these responses. Scott Morrison: When he was in Australia, on board the HMAS Adelaide, he said this, “Thank you for having America’s back. Even with this difficult information to deal with, we are dealing with it in the right way. And I believe we’ll have a very positive discussion about the partnerships we can have with the United States about furthering those technological developments that will see a lower emissions future for the world, but a stronger economy as well, where we don’t say goodbye to jobs that we don’t have to say goodbye to. We want to see all of these countries succeed. Added May 18th, 2019. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has led the Coalition to a stunning election victory, securing a third term in government. So today is not a day for Australia in any way, to feel wrongly about how we conduct ourselves. But democracy is the process that they have always stood by to resolve such differences and to ensure that they can elect their leader and their leader can engage with the rest of the world, particularly with those countries with whom they share such deep and abiding interests, as we do with the United States. Because those, those are the values that our Defence Force men and women have fought to uphold. 01 Jan 2021 Prime Minister, The Hon Scott Morrison MP, delivers major foreign policy address at Asialink, in the lead-up to the 14th G20 Summit. Malcolm Turnbull, Craig Foster lead Australia Day honours, Australia suspends travel with New Zealand for 72 hours, Israel extradites woman wanted for sex crimes to Australia, Exports to China drive $9b goods trade surplus, Morrison consults Rudd, Howard over China, Communications Minister urges ABC to drop Invasion Day references, It’s the summer of the ugly sandal (and your feet were never happier), Winemaker puts a new label on engagement with Indigenous art, Five tips on asking for a pay rise in a pandemic, What these CEOs learnt from basketball legend Michael Jordan, How kitesurfing helped this entrepreneur meet powerful people, Film industry ready to bloom with healing Penguin tale, Government sceptical of Forrest’s green steel vision, Forrest hires sovereign borders commander for fire fight, Forrest plans China visit and vaccinations for Fortescue travels. When we see your name we’re reminded of what is possible in Australia. The former prime minister joined the Socceroos legend and a banking boss as the latest recipients of Australia’s top honours - but there was still a hint of controversy surrounding Margaret Court’s award. This is how countries must deal with each other to ensure that we can deal with any issues in our relationship, consistent with our national interests and respect for each other's sovereignty, not engaging in this sort of deplorable behaviour. There has been an integration, and I think an effort, to try and bring people together in that regard. It’s, in fact, I think, a sentiment that President Elect Biden has also expressed. And I look forward to forging a great partnership in the spirit of the relationships that have always existed between prime ministers of Australia and presidents of the United States. I couldn’t quite hear over the birds. Scott Ludlum takes a dig: you think politics can't get more degraded under morrison's brand of mediocrity and menace, and then michael mccormack takes the podium like a three week old boiled potato and you realise we do indeed have further to fall — Scott … It is a fact that Australia’s transparent and honest way of dealing with this issue is a credit to this nation. We are like-minded. President Trump showed a great commitment to this part of the world and the relationship between Australia and the United States. It’s open now. That is something that we held fast to. Scott Morrison: (02:54) Australia never left. And to the United States, which I assume they will under President Elect Biden, join the Paris Agreement, we welcome that. London: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has extended an olive branch to China, saying he is willing to discuss their list of complaints any time and reiterated Australia wants nothing more than "happy coexistence" with its largest trading partner. The post made today, the repugnant post made today, of an image, a falsified image, of an Australian soldier threatening a young child with a knife. Speaker 3: (10:22) Scott Morrison: Ladies and gentlemen, the strategic challenges of today and tomorrow call Australia in many ways as we’ve been called before at difficult times, to play our part in a region where peace, stability and prosperity cannot be taken for granted. Okay. I am proud of their service. And despite this terribly offensive post today, I would ask again and call on China to re-engage in that dialogue. I am proud of their loyalty to this country and it’s values. ANZUS has been the bedrock of our security foundations here in Australia since that alliance was first established. With strong support for the underlying price, here's how to invest in the precious metal. Scott Morrison: (04:20) We need to have the transformational technologies that are scalable and affordable for the developing world as well, because that’s where all the emissions increases are coming from, in the decade ahead, in the next 20 years. Ben Graham and AAP 193 comments This is a time-honored process and a time-established process. And that is to see the prosperity of all countries and peace within the Indo-Pacific region, whether that’s here, whether that’s in Indonesia, whether that’s in Vietnam, in China, throughout Japan, South Korea. The Chinese Government should be totally ashamed of this post. But as one chapter opens, of course, another chapter closes. There will be a fairness in the way that this is addressed. We’re obviously champions of the TPP, and particularly in its resurrection after the Trump administration’s election four years ago. The way out is to engage in market-based trade, fair trade, under proper rules through the World Trade Organization. So the relationship goes deep, and it’s personal. Scott Morrison said China and the US should both uphold international law He also revisited controversy from last year, when he warned against "negative globalism" The speech … Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered his victory speech after receiving a call from Bill Shorten conceding the election. Scott Morrison: (10:20) There is much work for like-minded countries like Australia in the United States to get on with. This is an edited version of the Prime Minister's remarks on Monday. There is no more important, no deeper, no broader, no closer relationship, no relationship more critical to Australia’s strategic interests than the one that we enjoy with the United States, with its government and with its people. You had nothing, yet you built an Australian empire that reached far beyond our shores. Australia was always there, meeting and keeping our commitments. Scott Morrison: (00:05) That we can sit down and start talking sensibly about these issues because this type of behaviour is not on. I have taken a similar tone to so many others, and that is to express patience and respect for the US system. Scott Morrison: (11:31) Scott Morrison Speech Transcript Congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Congressional Testimony & Hearing Transcripts. Scott Morrison: (05:33) I would simply say to the United States, “The door has always remained open on the TPP. Australian foreign policy Scott Morrison accused of 'pandering' to Trump and damaging relations with Biden Labor’s Anthony Albanese criticises the prime minister’s handling of the … What changes would you allow to the TPP if it were to enable the US to rejoin the partnership? We are also seeking its removal immediately and have also contacted Twitter to take it down immediately. It is deeply offensive to every Australian, every Australian who has served in that uniform, every Australian who serves in that uniform today, everyone who has pulled on that uniform and served with Australians overseas from whatever nation, that they have done that. Speaker 3: (10:20) Prime Minister, sorry. We share values. And Secretary Mnuchin, who I had the opportunity to work with, both as treasurer and as prime minister. Above all, your name and life reminds us that our most valuable inheritance is always found within, in our character. We are signatories to the Paris Agreement. There has been a tremendous commitment by the Trump administration here in the Indo-Pacific. The only thing that has brought shame today, is this appalling post by the Chinese government. The bringing together of like-minded nations in the Indo-Pacific to work to one simple goal. Where there are alleged events that have taken place that require action, well we have set up the honest and transparent processes for that to take place. The Morrison government has suspended Australia’s green zone travel bubble with New Zealand for 72 hours after a case of the South African variant of the coronavirus in hotel quarantine. Morning, everyone. When they do succeed, we can live together peacefully and prosperously. This is a transcript of the Prime Minister's remarks reacting to a tweet from the China foreign ministry. And so, we look to begin a new chapter in this important relationship. Prime Minister, what is the Trump legacy in the Indo-Pacific? Prime Minister: Happy New Year, Australia, for we are one and free. Scott Morrison: (09:17) This is a transcript of the Prime Minister's remarks reacting to a tweet from the China foreign ministry. Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave a speech congratulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their U.S. election win. Read the full transcript here. Addressing the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, Scott Morrison admitted we need to drastically slash the unemployment rate, but then offered very little as far as ways to achieve that any time soon. It’s an honour to be giving this lecture which bears the name of a great Australian – Sir Frank Lowy. There are undoubtedly tensions that exist between China and Australia. Speaker 2: (11:17) Sorry. Prime Minister, it’s likely that President Elect would rejoin the Trans-Pacific Partnership, perhaps in a more protectionist way than in 2016. What is the Trump legacy in the Indo-Pacific? Prime Minister Scott Morrison stands accused of “hypocrisy” on matters of free speech and democracy – by defending free speech in Hong Kong, but curbing it at home. We are a strong and vibrant liberal democracy. Of course, there are processes that will still continue in the United States, and the institutions that sit around those are important to their democracy. Time to take the silver out of the cupboard? Thank you all very much. (AP pic) ... Scott Morrison has said in a speech rejecting “binary choices”. I think we’ve seen that. So I am proud of their service. In the event that Trump kind of refuses to leave, what circumstances would Australia and other firm allies need to be to ask him to respect the vote of the American people. And those who have the great privilege to serve in either of the offices of prime minister or president are the custodians of that enduring relationship. 'Truly repugnant': Scott Morrison's speech in full. Scott Morrison has vowed to work with the Biden administration to combat climate change and regional security challenges in the Indo-Pacific, saying the … Well, look, we’re one of many partners in the TPP. President Elect Biden also has a deep understanding, I think, of the national security issues that confront not only the United States, but those more broadly across the world, and a deep personal understanding them, obviously, with his late son, Beau, having served in Iraq. Can I also acknowledge any servicemen and women and veterans who may be joining us today either here or through the broadcast and can I simply say to you, thank you for your service. And I have every confidence that it will resolve itself in time. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has tagged Cricket Australia's decision to drop Australia Day references in promotion for upcoming Big Bash fixtures as … And I look forward to inviting the president elect to join us next year in their formal capacities at that time and for us to be able to celebrate 70 years of peace, and stability, and security that has been established by this incredible relationship. Scott Morrison MP - Maiden to Speech to Parliament. Prime Minister Scott Morrison will deliver a speech to the United Nations urging world leaders to share any coronavirus vaccine with the rest of the world, saying history will be a "severe judge" of nations that seek to profit from the pandemic. Mr Morrison said visits to homes, even with family, "should be kept to a minimum and with very small numbers of guests". Scott Morrison: (07:20) I begin by acknowledging the Ngunnawal people, their elders past, present, and those who are emerging. Scott Morrison: (01:32) The way out is not to pull back in. Points that Australia feels strongly about, in terms of our own sovereignty and our own independence. Australia is seeking an apology from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from the Chinese Government, for this outrageous post. Prime Minister, with a president elect so strong on climate change, how will that influence Australia’s commitment to climate change, and especially the net zero by 2030? Are there any changes though, that you wouldn’t allow, that are non-negotiables? Josh Frydenberg and Scott Morrison exit after the party room meeting for the leadership at Parliament House in Canberra on Friday 24 August 2018. f … If we want to see global emissions fall, then it’s not enough for us to meet our commitments. Few countries around the world, I suppose, would have dealt with this in the way that we have. And we will continue that work because it’s very important for Australia’s interests. But in a liberal democracy, this is how you deal with issues such as this. We need to ensure that those economies can successfully, and commercially, and prosperously transform through these technologies. And so it is important that these things end and the dialogue starts. Watch Full Video of the speech Introduction And those values determine how we deal with difficult issues as a country and difficult issues as those that have arisen in the Inspector General’s report on the ADF. That was true then, and that is true now. And it is a credit to all those who serve this nation in uniform. Investors face a two-tier market containing both very expensive and some reasonably valued opportunities. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the assault on the Capitol was “unfortunate” and “terribly distressing” but contended it was not for him to criticise a world leader. An unprecedented, indefinite level-four travel ban is in place for the entire world. Scott Morrison hits back at global critics in UN speech Scott Morrison has delivered an outspoken defence of Australia in front of world leaders — calling out “false” characterisations. But we, of course, we would welcome the re-engagement in those trade forums, because coming out of the COVID-19 recession, the way out is not to withdraw. Now, the terms of how that would occur, is one that would have to be done collectively with the other partners to that relationship. Their transition will proceed, as we always understand it to be. It is true that there are many similarities in the trade outlook of both sides of politics in the United States. Finally and most importantly, I am extremely proud of all Australians who pull a uniform on for Australia. That is what a free, democratic, liberal country does. United States is one of the world’s greatest democracies, alongside Australia and many others. Scott Morrison: (06:23) 2020 has demonstrated once again, the multiple challenges and radical uncertainty we face. I particularly look forward to this with, as President Elect Biden, because he comes to this relationship with a deep experience and a deep history, a history that has seen him come to Australia before, one that has involved many, many years of experience within the US system, and one that deeply understands this part of the world. Thank you very much. It diminishes them in the world’s eyes. But I join with other nations’ leaders around the world in congratulating President Elect Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, together with Vice President Elect Kamala Harris and her partner, Douglas Emhoff for their election at this recent US election. Australia’s Prime Minister gave a landmark economic speech this week and it was full of reasons to be concerned. PRIME MINISTER: Well thank you very much Sabra. Get a weekly digest of the week’s most important transcripts in your inbox. Follow updates here. Our Anthem is about us, who we are, and who we hope to be as well. And we will always have your back.” During the same visit to Australia, he said, “America and Australia continue to look to one another for mutual support.” We have seen, importantly, the quad come back together again. But this is not how you deal with them. This impacts not just on the relationship here, but with so many other sovereign nations not only in our own region, but like minded countries around the world, who have expressed similar sentiments to Australia about many issues. I am proud of their dedication. Australia’s actions should not be seen just through the lens of the strategic competition between China and the United States, Scott Morrison has said in a speech rejecting “binary choices”. It is utterly outrageous and it cannot be justified on any basis whatsoever.

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