Kara McCane is that mean girl. #troublemakers, "Beauty is what happens when you're busy being yourself" -anonymous. Eros asked while keeping his eyes on the road. She shaked her head and chuckled. into a book on there. "Just one star?" Surprisingly, Eros and I survived school with a bit of help from the guys we met earlier in the morning. Wattpad is a social media platform where writers can share their work with a community of 70 million readers. Jan 21, 2014 - Check Out : His Bad Girl & 12 Hours on Wattpad Wattpad User: Jadeee_B "You must love that drink", the girl chuckled. #boys Dude, he needs to stop looking at me, it's making me feel weird. I was never in to fan fictions, trust me, but oh my gosh. "Yup, we have to be back by 9", I told him. Read 03. from the story His Bad Girl by coraaaaaa0701 (Cancer) with 470 reads. I asked her. "Oh, you were?" "Oh, you know me so well, Ms. M", I said and sat down on my table and rest both of my feet on top of my desk. I thought to myself, 'He still look hot though'. #romance "Shylar Parker is my sister", I chuckled. He was going to make Isabella his once and for all. All the students loves her and I couldn't blame them. "Oh I see", she said, "My parents are divorced, too and got a new family". "They would actually look good together just by thinking about it and looking at them", Theo said with a shrug. "Where?" #boys "Do you guys want to hang out?" FIGHT! Eros and I went inside the car and followed the guys' car. "Yes", I laughed a bit. Mar 8, 2016 - Read His Secretive Bad Girl from the story The Secretive Bad Girl by JanessaGirl14 (Jaayy) with 5,031 reads. "Yup, that's me", I said. "Thank you", I said and took out a pitcher. #highschool "Oh that's awesome", she said. "I'm thirsty, where's the kitchen", I blurted out randomly. She is just like my older sister even if I have a real older sister. I want you guys to paint anything you like, let your feelings out, I want you guys to pour your heart out and I want to see what it created, okay guys?" "What?" With Julia Stinshoff, Nick Brimble, Graham McTavish, Ross Boatman. Jax said. "I don't really want to", Jax replied. #friendship The After series books all have over 200 million reads EACH and the most votes/reads I have ever seen. I am truly sorry for the long wait, I don't even know anymore, I just end up deleting my books because I don't feel satisfied, but I would still continue writing this story because I see people who are still reading this book and they seem to like it. "Afternoon Ms. Maja", I greeted my art teacher with a smirk. I scoffed. You may think that all bad boys only want bad girls, but in fact, a lot of them like girls who are more innocent-seeming, or who just like to do their own thing. He crouched down and groaned. "Pretty much, but our dad would sometimes visit us". The wattpad version of 'the bad boy's girl' holds a special place in my heart. "Oh, do you really like me?" "Uh more specific?" "Her name is Shylar", she smiled. "Your personality kinda match and I see some similarities, too in your looks", Thea said. #drama #relationship Eros just chuckled while the other guys were grinning except Jax, who still has his 'serious' face look. You see, Ms. M or Ms. Maja or Maja as what I call her when we're not in school, has been there for me since I came in this school. Read ‼️Announcement‼️ from the story His Bad Girl by coraaaaaa0701 (Cancer) with 245 reads. "Cool", Eros replied. I let go of him and he fell down in the ground, holding his crotch. A girl will respect you more for telling rather than asking — she always has the opportunity to say no and this way she doesn’t have to do all the work (she is already carrying her weight in the parts of your relationship you don’t notice). "People are scared of me since I started schooling, everyone is scared of me", I said quietly. "Are you sure that's you, last time I check, EA doesn't have five sharp ends and is not the color of a banana", she said jokingly and I smiled. In every single one of these stories, there is this mean girl who wants the bad boy and everybody somehow hates. "You know what I meant, the star represents me, alone in the dark, lost in the world, different from all the other stars, waiting for someone to be friends with me and is not scared to talk to me", I explained. Read ~His Bad Girl~ :Chapter 6: from the story His Bad Girl by shortINA918 (Ani) with 31,096 reads. If you'd already call yourself a bad girl, then keep doing what you're doing, but don't feel compelled to wear black leather or dark makeup, to smoke cigarettes, or to curse a lot if that's not really who you are. It was so detailed and it was very well written. I faked surprise and she laughed. #romance "No, I was just wondering what's taking her so long", he said while looking at me. #humor This book. Theo asked. "Oh my god, I would love to live here", I said with a 'wow' expression. She: smoked, Raced & was involved in what you would say "underground fighting". Ms. Maja passed out all the paints and the paint brushes. I decided to text my dad. I smirk and look at him with amusement. My Wattpad is Ayanna_Wild. I painted a star right on the middle and I painted a dark blue color with a mixture of baby blue color to represent the sky. I hope you guys are willing to wait for any of my updates :). #highschool "Yes I do", he whispered to me, "By the way, you look perfect tonight". Nova's POV It Sunday and I'm going home. I'm just me and no one can accept that, not even my family. "I'm sure you'll find some people who aren't scared of you and will be friends with you", she said and pat my back and compliment my other classmates with their own work. Read Stories, write original stories in your own language anytime on the E-Story app - Wattpad Discover the social storytelling platform that connects a global community of 90 million readers and writers through the power of story. Charlie removed his pants and underwear as he licked his lips. #badboyxbadgirl He shrugged in return. He kissed me once again, but it was only for a short time. We all sat down at the couch and the guys started to set up. My phone beeped and I looked at the message. all following the theme of a bad boy or girl falling for a good girl or boy. I'm also turning the story I.O.U. "I'll text Dad", I said. "Did you guys just moved here? "How?" "Uh no", I mocked her. "Yes", Thea laughed, "But he do know how to smile and laugh". He was going to fuck that girl hard. I look at the people surrounding me and the injured guy which is currently curled up in a ball now. Eros and I turned around and found the guys. drama, badkids, funnymike. The door opened and Jax came inside. love, arrangedmarriage, badass. I snatched my backpack from a random stranger and left and walk towards my next class, which is art class. He kissed me once again, but it was only for a short time. Do you miss her already?" I ducked and punch him in the stomach and elbowed his back and kneed his balls. "FIGHT! "You remind me of my bestfriend", she said out of the blue. AMAZING. She said with a big smile. "Do you need something?" Read 05. from the story His Bad Girl by coraaaaaa0701 (Cancer) with 420 reads. she asked me. #badboyxbadgirl #friendship Cliche love story + shitty writing = wattpad. "Next time you call me little, you'll find yourself on a hospital bed, understood?" "Woah, that's a big house", Eros said. Ontdek (en bewaar!) I said. #badass I started painting, dabbing my paint brush here and there. This is a list of movies of different decades, genres, etc. "Nope, ever since my dad and her divorced, she never visited us, only because Jax never allowed her to", Thea sighed. We followed the guys inside the house. "Help yourself", she said while using her head to like point at the fridge. Tall, gorgeous as all hell and a bad boy with ocean blue eyes and the perfect edge of adorability, he was her greatest tormentor, her number one enemy.But the guy that's come back is like no one Tessa's ever come across. "We also meant you, EA", Theo chuckled. And right the... #arrangedmarriage It is by no means a "favorite" list, but I hope you will find what you are looking for. FIGHT!" I asked her jokingly. "Yes I do", he whispered to me, "By the way, you look perfect tonight". Directed by Sebastian Vigg. "Thanks", I said to Jax and he just nodded his head while looking at me. He was rich and could have anything he wanted . "Jax's house, we're just gon' play video games and yeah pretty much just hang out", Theo said. Obra perteneciente a En_otro_mundo, usuario de Wattpad. Students started to fill up the classroom and I straightened up and put on my talk-to-me-and-you're-dead look also known as my 'blank face'. #bad "Sure, why not", Eros said. "Mom missed you Jax, you should consider it", the girl said and walked inside a room. "Is that why he looks serious all the time?" I wasn't really in the mood to play video games. "Is her last name by any chance, Parker?" #badass "Well you have been my student since your freshmen year, so of course I know you so well", she said and raised both her eyebrows at my relaxed feet on top of my desk. I asked. 26-jul-2020 - Deze pin is ontdekt door lindneroyeeja. I finished up my work and looked at it. "Dont fall too deep my brother", Thea smiled and patted his shoulder, "We'll be seeing each other again, EA". "Let's go", Eros and I went out of the car and decided to leave our bags. "Mess with me and I'll make sure you all regret it", I sneered and everyone backed away from me. badkids, love, funnymike. I said with a big smile. Thea asked. je eigen pins op Pinterest. And right the... #arrangedmarriage It was different and Ioved it. Eros nodded in return. "What are we doing today?" Ms. M went and stand up in front of the class and clapped her hands with a smile on her face. I pulled out my phone from my pocket and just ended up playing games. "Oh, in my mind though", I reasoned and he laughed. The bell rang indicating the class is about to start. Completed - Emma; Your stereotypical bad girl. "Alright, just follow our car", Trenton said. "Okay, Thea", I said. "Uh no", she said with a big smile on her face and I laughed. "I was saying the same thing", I chuckled and Eros looked at me with scrunched eyebrows. Here are the movies that started out as Wattpad stories. "Cool, call me Thea", she said. "No you weren't", Eros said. "We were also inviting you", Joaquin said. I asked him once again. "Emerald", I answered her, "but I prefer to be called EA". #love "Marry Jax and you'll end up living here", Trenton said jokingly. The girl sighed. "Yeah", some of the guys said. Iced tea is my favorite to drink when I'm really thirsty. #troublemakers, "I was born to be real, not to be perfect" -Unknown. "Why? I asked. "Trouble again, EA? I haven't seen you guys before, usually the guys never bring other people with them", she said and took a sip from her drink. I blurted out. It looked like iced tea. Ms. M asked next to me while staring at my work. Eros asked. Dayumm, his voice sounds really good. Download it today to start reading or writing original stories. Bad Boy Meets Good Girl Books Showing 1-50 of 382 Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) by. #teenfiction Thea said playfully. love, badkids, funnymike. And they call him the soccer team captain. Everyone chanted. "What about your mom?" The girl looked up at me. "Mom wants you to visit her next week", the girl said. drama, strong-female-character, badgirls. All the students here in Kanely High know Ms. Maja as the fun, caring, cheery, and bubbly teacher. "Yes that's her, that's my best friend", she said with a smile, "How do you know?". "Painting", she said and organized the paint brushes. #love I poured some out at the glass I took and drank it. Is. 'Alright, enjoy and be back before 9, drive safe' -Dad. #relationship Read ~His Bad Girl~ :Chapter 1: from the story His Bad Girl by shortINA918 (Ani) with 65,663 reads. He did something I didn't imagine him to do again. This and The Bad Boys Girl are definitely the best books on wattpad. I asked. I read this book til the end and I still want to buy it. Leading very different lives, they don't interact much, however they are forced to switch lives when Vanessa is chased by Gromek, a powerful drug dealer. "What?" So just to let you guys know, I post on Wattpad as well and if your looking for some more Lucifer Morningstar stories I have them all in a book on Wattpad, some of them are already from Tumblr so you probably already read them but some of them I only post on Wattpad. Bad Boy Good Girl Books Showing 1-50 of 1,901 Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) by. Read 06. from the story His Bad Girl by coraaaaaa0701 (Cancer) with 387 reads. 'Is that his natural look?' We turned around and I found a girl that looks to be about Shy's age. #drama "Just come, it'll be fun", Joaquin added. Eros and I both looked at each other and raised my eyebrow at him. Where stories live. Once he was near the bed, he carefully took off her covers. It is also not edited, and forgive me for my grammars. Once all the students are inside the classroom. "I would love to meet her so I can see", I said. Wattpad. Anyways, back to the punishment. 'Hey dad, Eros and I got invited to hang out at a friend's house, we'll be back before 9' -EA. That was probably the first time I heard him talk. I thought this book was going to be so weird and awkward, but I love this book so much. "Okay guys, today we're just going to paint. I can ignore the errors and the bad writing because it is a wattpad book and that's what you get. I first saw this book on wattpad I thought I wouldn't like this book, because it was the bad GIRL not the bad BOY. "And the answer to that is a secret", Jax said and left the kitchen, too. "I'm Althea and you are?" "Okay", I smiled and she left the kitchen. badkids, funnymike, love. "Was that dad?" Cheers erupted the class and I just smirked. Think Tumblr, but for stories. We all know the cliché story of the good girl who falls for the bad boy. I asked him once again. "Oh my, really?" I stand up and walked inside the kitchen. "Why do you keep staring at me?" He did something I didn't imagine him to do again. I saw him nod his head and groaned for the ninth time. FIGHT! Nova's POV It's Monday and I start, school today. Although that guy, Jax, was curiously looking at me, which was weird for me. It's a package deal. The girl was sitting at a stool while drinking juice and was using her phone. "Behave", she said pointing her index finger at me, with a 'stern' look in her face. He's always liked hard to get girls but in the end got them because it was well him. Author: JessGirl93~Book: Bad Boy's Girl~Wattpad Story: http://www.wattpad.com/story/2376933-the-bad-boy%27s-girl~Song: Blank Space by Taylor Swift ⓐ-ⓤ-ⓣ-ⓗ-ⓞ-ⓡ-ⓢ-ⓝ-ⓞ-ⓣ-ⓔFiller chapter, I know and I'm sorry for that. I asked curiously. "He's mad at her", I said to her. I asked curiously. Xander Hart was a bad boy or so he like to think that. #teenfiction "Alright, let's play", Theo clapped his hands and took a game console. "So it's just you and Jax?" #family -Rompecorazones. "Yes and he's stubborn as hell, I can't force him and my mom knows that", Thea said. #humor "Woah, hold your horses, let's not get into those kind of conversation", I said, holding my hands up. bad, humor, badboyxbadgirl. ", Ms. Maja asked with a smile. "Oh hey guys, what's up", Eros said and pulled the strap of his backpack. It is so addicting and such a rollocoaster ride! I chuckled. He crept over to her bed. She chuckled and brought out paints. #family "Ah much better", I sighed. Charlie slowly and carefully entered his dearest daughter's room. "Lo vi y supe que iba a caer" - [ His bad girl ] Heath Pattinson: -Engreído. "I'll just call Aaron to pick me up, you go and hang out", I said and backed away. #completed "Sorry", I said and put down both of my feet. Vanessa and Maria are twins, although not so identical...Maria is a nun while Vanessa is a go go dancer. #completed "Oh, do you really like me?" I smiled sheepishly. "That door", Jax pointed the same door the girl went in to. #bad We arrived at Jax house, it was big, that was all I could say. "I'm sorry, I just got thirsty", I said to her. It was beautiful. "Ah yes, my parents are divorced, we used to live with our mom, but now we moved in with my dad and our other siblings", I explained.