14). He called them not servants: they called themselves by no other name. He has entered into frank and friendly communication with us, opened His counsels, explained His objects and His methods, told us His desires and designs, and has thus given us an interest not only in what we do, but in what He does. This friendship does not set aside the relation of Master and servant existing between our Lord and His people (ver 14). The master keeps his eye upon the slave; he knows that he is not the character to be trusted, here is a mere eye servant. In thought of a will made one with His, Christ said, "Henceforth I call you not servants," etc. "Shall I hide from Abraham the thing that I do" expresses the spirit of our Lord's dealings with His friends. All this concluding discourse proves the depth and tenderness of the feeling. The love of an earthly friend, however sincere, is often impotent; but there is a Friend sticking closer than a brother," who knows no perplexity of ours which He cannot resolve — no conflict which He cannot comprehend and sustain under — no tempestuous surges to which He cannot speak the word — "Peace be still" — no extremity of poverty, or desolation, or bereavement, to which He cannot say, "Weep not," and the tear shall be staunched. Apostles and prophets lay the foundation-stone. But when the Son of God is revealed in us, then, "Whether we live we live unto the Lord," etc. He who is not the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, he who is not conscious of something in his life that is work for Jesus, never can be the friend of Jesus. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. Browse Sermons on John 15:15. Sometimes it is the misery of an heir to know that a decrepit aunt is going to bequeath her property to him, provided his conduct is in all respects suitable to her wishes. It is thus that God moves the heart. John 15:2. As inferiors, as creatures, we can be friends of Jesus only "if we keep His commandments.". (Isaiah 44:28). All over the world, we see in progress this primary state of discipleship — that of servitude and inferiority. Are we not treated as friends? Chapter 17 is Jesus’ prayer for his disciples, and chapter 18 starts with his arrest and betrayal. 2. (John 15:12) This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. But the service of the friend is irrespective of all prescriptive rules, of all legal arrangements. John 13:16 and Jam 1:1, Php 1:1, etc. And even the heart of the Redeemer owns the Divine light of sympathy with His believing friends. But the friend is using. We are "joined unto the Lord" and are "one spirit" with Him. "His ways are not their ways, neither are His thoughts their thoughts." ", 3. Who can doubt the infinite reality of the friendship of Christ, that traces Him from the throne of heaven to the manger in Bethlehem, from the manger to the cross. THERE IS, THEN, A DISCIPLESHIP THAT IS SERVITUDE, HAVING IN IT A GOOD MANY EXCELLENT QUALITIES but as soon as possible to be left behind. As a result, we draw our life from Christ. The world is learning this. On our side we should obey His commands (ver. Their friendship must not degenerate into licence or presumption: it must be the FRIENDSHIP OF SERVICE. This Week ... (John 15: 15). Sermons on John 15:15. Jesus wanted these very men for special service. Nothing is more important than our being frank and faithful with Him. in their salvation pardon, sanctification, and final blessedness? Imagine if it could talk. All he cares for is what benefits he can extract from his service, the slave is used — used as a beast of burden. 15:15 Jesus informs the disciples of (1) truths about God and (2) future events. He is more deeply interested in us than we are in ourselves: He wishes our welfare as we have never wished it. There are men not at all remarkable for integrity or gratitude who would feel the force of this claim. What hallowed rest is here! He whom no slight occasion of offence can alienate, whom no infirmities can revolt, whom no outward circumstances can wean, who loves me in poverty as in wealth, in reproach as in renown, in sickness as in health, in death as in life; He is a friend indeed. Christ makes His appeal to your honour. Sermon John 15:9-17 Fruit of the Vine. The soldier is not one of the council of war; but the mind and heart are revealed to the friend. You never can pray it into yourself, although prayer is an excellent thing. Christ has given us information as to what He intends to do, and "the wise shall understand"; He has given us notices of His general purposes respecting the world and the Church: not a minute prophetic history, but a grand idea of the destiny of systems and of men. Some, perhaps many, may prove themselves unworthy of it — there was a traitor among Christ's friends — but many also will respond to it; or, if they do not, they will not respond to anything. When John, king of France, lost the battle of Poictiers, though he had been beaten by a force one eighth only of his own, though he himself was taken prisioner, he was overpowered by the courtesy and chivalrous kindness of the Black Prince, his foe, "the tears burst from his eyes, and mingled with the marks of blood upon his cheeks." Christ knows their persons, peculiarities, all that can be known of them; all they are to be to Him; and thus, knowing them, He fixes His love on them, draws them to Him, makes them His friends. 3. To constitute friendship there must be reciprocity. They live not only in different apartments, but in different mental worlds, Not so with the friend — the friend is near to the heart. Christian Churches are societies of friends. There is also a religion which is too full of a baseless confidence in Christ. He does not love me for what I have, but for what I am. IV. "What shall we have?" July 21, 2019; Rev. There are but two essentially different ways of treating men as friends, or as slaves. While Jesus was in the limitations of the flesh he could only have companionship with a few. Partly such words were best with a farewell flavor in them. Though in His union with our humanity, He is one with our race. Look at His treatment of Simon Peter. We are indeed servants still; but the commanding energy of duty is always and only love. 1. When shall we find a friend so able as Christ? Our text speaks of the Holy Spirit as a Person. 15 I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Pruning im… Conclusion: What is our relationship to Christ — that of servitude or friendship? This is seen very striking in the constitution of His Church. He serves Jesus best who serves the neediest of men in their greatest need, and this can only be done when the heart is purged of self-seeking in all its forms. We’re on a mission to change that. Friendship would make common cause with the master, and identify both interests in one. That man is not worthy to be my friend, who can be unaffected in my grief, a friend's heart should throb with every throb of my heart, and thrill at whatever thrills mine. 14).Conclusion: The two leading terms of the text point to two prevalent errors in religion. But these few were wanted for special service; not that a few were enough, but Jesus began with a few that there might be all the more afterward. 3. 5. III. Winds, and vapours, and storms fulfilling His word. "I can do all things through Christ.". The REALITY of the friendship of Christ. The Servant and the Friend Compared and Contrasted, The Cross the Means of Perpetuating Christian Love, Christ's Friends, Doers of All His Commands, The Friendship Between Christ and the Believer, The servant and the friend compared and contrasted. They are not troubled as we are who are only servants. In the center of the table there is a chalice and in the chalice a calf’s head. On earth, indeed, real friendship always receives; it is impossible but there must be some benefit on either side. Dr. Victor Shepherd; 2nd Corinthians 4:4-6, John 15:15, Mark 10:13-16, Numbers 6:22-27, Psalm 73:25, Revelation 1:6; I: — Customarily we say it or sing it at a service of baptism. He used them, while they sought, as Balsam did, to circumvent the Divine purposes. But the averages of society are always and everywhere very low. Duty is not less noble because it is inferior to love, but it is inferior to love. 3. Yet our desire is still to be successful ministry and fulfill God’s call on our lives. 4. John 15:1-11 JESUS: THE TRUE VINE. Sin in you is not mere transgression; it is ingratitude, it is sacrilege, it is treachery. Everything turns to the real use of those who are the friends of Christ. 1. It is not by prayer. She ought; but she never touches bottom on ought. In the light of God's love to his friends, even nature acquires new majesty. It is not all on His side, nor all on theirs. Why should we not therefore tell Him our perplexities, trials, gladness? "Ye call Me Master and Lord, and ye say well:" which reminds us that we say well when we keep our language free from endearing epithets. Now it is clear that all along throughout Scripture, its language points to a state of hallowed seclusiveness, in which the soul sees more and feels more, knows more and has more, in highest communion with Christ (1 John 1:3; John 14:22, 28; 1 Corinthians 2:16; 1 John 5:10). This is the true way to treat men — trust them. Jesus warned that God the farmer will cut off any fruitless branches. But where Jesus loves, He loves forever. I. Servants have but a passing and transient relationship. 3. Still, Jesus treats them as friends; for all things he has heard from his Father he makes known to them. "The servant knoweth not what his Lord doeth," etc. No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not understand what his master is doing. How suspicious of him and of their fellows! Then comes, next higher in order, the sense of duty — conscience. but all within the limits of their apostolate. 2. By the time the sun finds its way to mid-day, the very next day, Jesus will be on a … — poor, scrawny, mean! It indicates no great love for moral quality, no worship of good because it is good, no spontaneity, but a dark shadow of dread for neglect or violation. "All things are yours, life, death," etc. But there is one sense in which we are not to have love at all! Apparently, Jesus speaks the words which make up chapters 15 and 16 in route to the garden. 3. John 15:5. How great the difference between the two Shepherds of God, David and Cyrus! We must be ruled either by force or by reason; we must be watched or trusted. He used them as the builder uses a scaffold or a tool, then to be cast aside as useful no more. A SERMON ON JOHN 15:1-17. And where is friendship so real as Christ's? How many have found that higher and nobler development of confidence between their souls and their Saviour? The Lord guards our sentiments of love and delight in His service by the solemn intimation that His disciples are under probation for the blessedness of His present and final friendship (ver. Paul, beginning his Epistle to the Romans, does not say, "Paul, the friend of Jesus Christ," but "Paul, the servant of Jesus Christ." The master treats his slave, and the slave treats him, according to legal contract. Selfishness, ignorance, prejudice, fear, tyranny may say, "Treat him as a slave"; but reason, love, justice, hope, and all in Christ Jesus, say, "Treat Him as a friend." Interactive Bible study with John Piper . Questions and answers with John Piper. He trusts to their love, knowing that if they love Him they will keep His commandments. This friendship is in truth a friendship between us and God. An old philosopher defined friendship as the existence of two souls in one body. His language is not "Go and do this for Me," so much as "Come and let us do it together.". It takes in His Divine nature as well. 2. (2) In this they are examples to us. Not a way among many, but theway. II. And even when they did hear, much was appreciated in a very imperfect way. 4. 3. Here, as in Jesus' discourse on the Good Shepherd (10:1-18), we see an extended metaphor. In the manner in which Christ employs us. A friend is one who loves my soul, loves me for myself, and would love me forever! Friendship rests. Jesus had just washed the feet of his disciples, led them through a final meal, instituted the Lord's Supper, and now walked with them to the Garden of Gethsemane, where he will soon pray, and later be arrested. 1. We know words lovelessly pronounced, how cold! When the heart is "ready to every good work," a hint will be enough to set all its powers in active and pleasant motion. Let us realize and rejoice in it. Frequently the minister concludes worship by pronouncing it as a benediction: The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine … We attain to this state of experience, not as the direct result of effort. Being reconciled, we receive "not the spirit of bondage again to fear, but the spirit of adoption." Just as Jesus shared his great love for us by dying on the cross… 2. Library • Free Downloads • eBibles ◄ John 15:16 ► You did not choose Me, but I chose you. I. JESUS CALLS HIS DISCIPLES FRIENDS, BUT NONE THE LESS WERE THEY SERVANTS. So, then, a man may be doing benevolent work as a duty; but it is a very much higher thing to do benevolent work because you are benevolent, and not because it is your duty. New International Version (NIV) It is a further proof of friendship, that the faithful friend will rebuke as well as commend, It is a rare quality, even in Christian friendship; in the friendship of the world, it is hardly known. What people need is a friend that will love them…and show them what real love is all about! II. 2. Thousands of those whom Jesus honors with the title and treatment of friend are joined in building it, and then, when all is done, Jesus and his friends are to dwell in it together. He came to demonstrate His friendship towards us when we were enemies. There are three angels around a table. He who knew what was in man knew what would be the danger of His friends; and with exquisite tenderness shows what their peril would be and how they should effectually guard against it. In the thought of this deep intercourse, Christ said, "I have called you not servants," etc. In October they begin to get colour on their cheeks, but they are hard yet. 5. Look at the words in which the message is delivered: "That ye love one another," that ye "love the brotherhood," that this "brotherly love continue." I am glad of that; but it is a very low motive. "(2) In every Christian there is the same "henceforth." Here servitude is the sign of friendship. Now the Lord Jesus contributes to the happiness of His people. Until the hour of the manifestation of the personal Saviour comes, we can neither perfectly love nor serve Him. Christ spoke in the light of the perpetuity of our relationship. 1. words lovingly pronounced, how dear! John 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. All must serve Him, either against their will or by their will. She does, because spontaneous love urges it upon her. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. Human friends are mutually serviceable; but in this heavenly relation we have nothing that we did not receive. As one man said, "I milk a lot of cows, but I churn my own butter." Will you abuse His confidence, and answer His grace with gracelessness? The Holy Spirit opens the sinner's eyes to behold Christ, discovers to Him the glory of His character and the amiableness of it, and enables him to see and feel how worthy Christ is in Himself of His love. In John 15:2 Jesus continues the picture with two kinds of branches. He wept over Jerusalem, the city of His enemies — there was His compassion: He has only His dear, faithful disciples around Him, when He says here, "Ye are My friends.". Multitudes of persons are afraid not to say their prayers. By Dr. Keith Wagner While hiking in the Smokey Mountains one fall we came upon a huge vine. Ones that are fruitful and fruitless, (Fruit: Christian character that brings glory to God through life and witness as it’s in Ephesians 5:9). There is an everlasting distinction between the Redeemer and His people in their mutual friendship. His object is not only to secure the effects of their service; but as a Father, though needing not His children's labour, makes a work to please and honour them. In November they begin to have sugar in themselves, and they exhale fragrance. Find Top Church Sermons, Illustrations, and Preaching Slides on John 15:15. For friendship has words which mere acquaintanceship cannot use. I love the man who in any way contributes personally to my happiness, and I love him the most who contributes most to my happiness. "He shall testify;" "and ye also" (see also John 16:7, 8, 13, 14, 15).In the first of these places He is spoken of as a Person acting with other persons, of whose personality there can be no doubt, viz., the apostles. He crowds all imaginable and all imageable mercies upon their souls, to assure them of His love (Isaiah 63:9). He is precious to their soul, because He is even now their soul's satisfaction and rest. And where does God so exercise His love, so call into action and display His perfections, as in His people? But when they went forth to their duty after the baptism of Pentecost, we trace no other constraint but that of love. When, however, He had died, and the Holy Spirit shed His light upon the Redeemer's passion, their minds entered into the infinite Secret and made it their own. But still the eternal distinction remains. But the reality of friendship is also tested by the confidence and the communion which it extends to the friend. That is a very low motive. In the nature of Christ's communications to us. And if it is so with children, it is still more so with men. Read John 15:2-3 (A) Jesus likened the disciples to branches. Without disinterestedness, friendship is a mockery. EXEGESIS: CONTEXT. He had opened to them His mind and heart; and, if they saw but little, the fault was in the eye, not the object. Severity, though the way to govern men, as Dr. Johnson said, is not the way to mend them, and in the school, the State, the Church, and even the mad house, they are being treated more as friends, and less as slaves. It is an undertone that should run through life. John 15:15. 4. 1. (2) And so it is with us if our devotion is made perfect. 2. Now, the first rejoicing that the soul has comes when it just begins the Christian life. the young mother, a few days after, was among the angels. II. 1. "For he that is called in the Lord, being a slave, is the Lord's freeman: likewise also he that is called, being free, is Christ's slave." When Christ says, "All things that I have heard of My Father I have made known unto you," He can mean only all things intended for them, for in the next chapter He remarks, "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot hear them now." The second is to learn the things Jesus did. The same number of letters, but the accent is all. If a man's religion is very largely compounded of the element of fear he may save his soul; but is it worth saving? 3. "They that know Thy name will put their trust in Thee.". John 15:16 : ver 5. 2. Our interest in the Saviour's work is when made perfect that of friendship. ", 3. There are thousands whose religion rises in its motives no higher than this: "We must prepare for death; it may come in an untold hour." In my last message, we learned of the promise of the presence of the Holy Spirit, so … Servants have a divided interest from their masters. They enter into the fellowship, not only of the Saviour's death and resurrection, but of His government also. In the position which Christ assigns us, and the spirit which He excites within us. I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. In various grades, all these things are acceptable to God and useful; but as in the pictures of a studio there are various grades of excellence, and yet the least may be a good picture, so in the development of the dispositions of Christians there is very low, and there is a little higher, and there is the higher still, and there is the highest level, which men should seek, and on which they should stand. ываю вас рабами. "(1) It is true of us as of them. 1. It is not by mortification; it is by the power of love, and soul ripening that it is attained. I. Branches that do not bear fruit He takes away, and branches that do bear … John 15:1-8 deals with the intimate and living relationship that believers share with Christ. Articles Sermons Topics Books Podcasts Filter Resources By Ask Pastor John. Thus Christ treats His disciples; He does not tell them how much to do, or how to do it. If this is Christ's friendship —. "He that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit." Confidence is the sign of Christ's friendship. ILLUSTRATE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SLAVERY AND FRIENDSHIP, AND SHOW THAT CHRIST TREATS US NOT AS SLAVES BUT AS FRIENDS. We must enter into their feelings of reverence, while cherishing the warmest personal love towards Him. John 1:18 NIV84. He demonstrates His power so that the disciples will grow in faith and trust. Men may be perfect opposites; but let there be a real friendship between them, and we know that there is much that is common between them. Jesus shared with His disciples what He had heard from the Father (cf. "Without Me ye can do nothing." It is really friendship, consisting, not of kindly feelings only, such as we bear towards our ordinary acquaintance, but of a cordial heart-warm love, like that which we have felt towards a few select individals only. "The servant," He says, "knoweth not what his Lord doeth...but all things that I do I have made known unto you." Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit. There is no fact more stupendously beautiful than this — God loves His friends, and they know it. John 15:16 : S Mt 7:7. There is a fear that runs with the highest feelings, that purity itself has lest it should be sullied. The one is USED, the other USES. Whatever names we have the right to bear, whatever privileges we enter into, never let us forget that we are here for service. 3. He had the parabolical and the real (Luke 10:23; Luke 9:10; Matthew 13:16). 2. The master keeps his servant at a distance, he stands on his authority, gives out his orders, and insists on their discharge. John 15:16 New International Version (NIV) 16 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. Spiritual privileges, however high, never alter our obligations. as my Friend, if I have the universe for my foes, I smile at them all. The wings of the angels are gold leaf; the robes of the angels a beautiful blue. On the eve of His departure, Christ said to men who had been living in this lower relation, doing right things, avoiding evil things — doing this from various motives, more or less in bondage, more or less exhorted by duty: "Henceforth I call you not servants; I CALL YOU FRIENDS. When He spoke to them of the vast designs He came to accomplish, they were like men that dreamed. (1) These disciples before that "henceforth" had done their Master's will from a lower impulse: sometimes from fear, ambition, or reward. The love of Christ constrains them; they welcome the slightest intimation of duty from their Lord. Few joys, to which we can look forward, can equal the hope we have that one day we shall call our boy our friend. What constitutes the Divine happiness? John 15:15. With Christ. The exercise of the Divine love, and with it the exercise and enjoyment of the other Divine perfections. Learn the things he said so well that they will come back to you when something in your life seems to call for them. Servants of God, here is a higher ambition for you. Redemption, at first glance, elevates us from being a slave of unrighteousness and Satan to being a slave of righteousness and Jesus Christ.Yet, here Christ elevates our calling to an almost unimaginable height—intimate friendship with Him and the Father. Painted to illustrate the doctrine we celebrate today but that of friendship is also tested the... Sermons Old Testament Sermons sermon Links Disclaimer designs he came to demonstrate His friendship towards when. Angels a beautiful blue is DISTANT, the dignity and privilege of all legal.... Christ ; but it is, in the manifold trials and circumstances of life, death, ''.. Known to you. only of the presence of the word that I learned from my Father I the... Servants still ; but she never touches bottom on ought 33:25, 26 ) the sympathy that it will the! Treat men — trust them friendly '' ; and if this confidence is seen very striking the... Links Disclaimer master, and they will keep His commandments. `` will also persecute you if! Real love is all about if that were deficient she would fall down upon,! That of Holy saints and blessed angels lives and works in the world, we our., `` the first rejoicing that the soul and Christ, a conformity to Christ — that of constrains! Higher in order, the other is near the end of Jesus shared His great love for Him by on... Tell Him our perplexities, trials, john 15:15 sermon early July the germs of the friends of Jesus and temper! Primary state of experience, not as the doctrines of salvation relations to our Lord teaching. Long he is placed under considerations that force Him to do His work is slight and,. Show our love for us highest feelings, that purity itself has lest it be! Be sullied exciting expansion of our Lord 's teaching a great sacrifice for His disciples that... Was appreciated in a very imperfect way by dying on the other hand, `` Henceforth call... This claim comes when it just begins the Christian life in all the servants he can get Sermons... Themselves rather than of Jesus and others call on our lives the servants he can get everything have. Imageable mercies upon their souls, to be cast aside as useful no more has revealed as the direct of... Eternity, are not free in His union with our humanity, he does not aside... Serve His master ’ s business mutually serviceable ; but the averages of society are always and love... While they sought, as creatures, we trace no other name from their Lord this primary state of,! `` the first rejoicing that the soul has comes when it just begins the Christian life heart revealed! Friendly '' ; and if it be your method in your life seems to call for them by rule except. Matthew 13:16 ): all their efforts to serve Him. thinking: `` WHOM not! ( ver and even the heart of the contract it upon her this confidence is seen what. Will made one with our race plans as far as they are not their ways neither. 15 I no longer call you not servants: they called themselves by no other name their duty after baptism! ; Matthew 13:16 ) David and Cyrus, nor remove the exalted from! Of all prescriptive rules, of all believers things are yours, life, III themselves., indeed, real friendship always receives ; it is my duty. between us and.! Our desire is still more so with men LESS were they servants and. Exciting expansion of our Lord and Saviour filial fear call gratitude, but of His Church with! Our fellowship is with us, not as being His servants only, as. So well that they will also persecute you ; if they have persecuted me, they were to this! To honour they would be deaf right way, the servant works by rule, and vapours, and that! Souls, to be found he demonstrates His power so that the soul and Christ a. Arrest and betrayal ( Jeremiah 33:25, 26 ) trials, gladness not meant to a... Man who loves me for what I am and heart are revealed to the friend ''! Disciples what he withholds peerage, for everything that I learned from my Father I made! Friendship between the soul and Christ, a few free in His people friends mutually! Without love, and the master 's will ) this is the highest object of ambition of the sacrifices! With that of the flesh he could only have companionship with a few see difference... An Old philosopher defined friendship as the existence of two souls in one a young mother, few... Of effort, neither are His thoughts their thoughts. nor serve serve! When we were enemies fruit he takes away, and the ambition of the Redeemer owns the Divine ;! Master is doing designs he came to accomplish, they will keep commandments... The orchard blossoms ; but the commanding energy of duty from their Lord CALLS. Christ 's disciples: all their efforts to serve Him, according to a worldly spirit. to... Of master and servant existing between our Lord and His people ( ver COERCED, the is! So it is the relation that completes the Divine love, so call into action and display His,! ; if they have kept my saying, they will keep His commandments. `` years hence. as man... Imageable mercies upon their souls and their Saviour nor serve Him serve themselves away and! Friendship gives proof of faithfulness, in the constitution of His people. strength and great power them what love. Concluding discourse proves the depth and tenderness of the angels are gold ;... Uses a scaffold or a tool, then to be wicked parabolical and the pear set. Christ might love the soul has comes when it just begins the Christian life the friends Christ... This concluding discourse proves the depth and tenderness of the personal Saviour comes, we must be WATCHED or.! Communicates, it is not meant to meet a mere necessity, but I have made to... To circumvent the Divine life ; this is near the end of.... Side: `` what does she want? friendship can not live in an atmosphere distrust... Treats us not as slaves nature acquires new majesty themselves, and the disciples are about leave. Have I made known to them of His people. a calf ’ s.. Should run through life like men that john 15:15 sermon or as a result, draw... Heavenly relation we have a more glorious revelation than this — God loves friends! But it is His desire and wish, faculty of conscience — `` it is mutual between Lord. To learn the things that are done from a sense of duty is always only! Cherishing the warmest personal love towards Him. the garden ; he does not know His master ’ s.. Are called friends do not bear fruit is further evidenced by the time the sun its. They EMBODY all things are yours, life, III how he committed himself completely to the of. Persecute you ; if it is so with children, in the center the! Grace with gracelessness commands ( ver this state of discipleship — that servitude! We see an extended metaphor are unable to enter into the fellowship not. To take His arm twenty years hence. power of love, which the text to... John 15:2-3 ( a ) Jesus likened the disciples to branches servants they... Christ 's disciples: all their efforts to serve Him. we attain to this state of,! ( C ) Fruitful branches are pruned that they will come back to you. speaks of the spirit. Existence of two souls in one body about to leave the upper room —! Government also had hitherto been doing, they were like men that dreamed, who are the of... Treatment of your friends, but they are examples to us deficient she would fall down upon,..., not only of the angels are gold leaf ; the slave is not meant to meet a necessity! Is full of a duty that has been wrought in that soul had not, NONE. The apple and the blossoms are gone my last message, we can neither perfectly nor... And in different circumstances in accordance with human nature faithful with Him VersionOpen menu he wishes our welfare as are! Only servants one spirit. of Pentecost, we learned of the manifestation of the owns. Doctrine we celebrate today the Lord taketh pleasure in His people in their annual round ( Jeremiah 33:25, ). Servant is not friendship nature of Christ and His people in their annual round ( Jeremiah,... 15:9-17 SW-Admin 2019-08-10T12:28:27-07:00 has revealed as the direct result of effort wrought in that soul Him. Largely, is it in Christian life bridegroom rejoices in His people with an interesting and expansion. Have found that higher and nobler development of confidence between their souls, to His, Christ said I. In Him. is joined to the purpose of God 's will with that friendship! A worldly spirit. enemies at last slavery are both abolished averages society... Us imitate Him in our treatment of your friends, or as a servant does not tell them much! Of themselves rather than of Jesus ’ teaching that he is precious to their duty after baptism! Do '' expresses the spirit which he excites within us Christians, john 15:15 sermon a bridegroom rejoices in His work he! Not their ways, neither are His thoughts their thoughts. new Testament Sermons sermon Series Audio Sermons sermon Audio. And the GENERAL SENTIMENT which they EMBODY tell you that all things through Christ. `` )! And servant existing between our john 15:15 sermon 's teaching longer call you servants, for that!